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Structural Design Panels: SDP175

CENTRIA SDP 175 Structural Design Panels are structural standing seam roof panels that feature a "snap-together" seam which does not require mechanical seaming, yet provides excellent resistance to wind uplift. The panels are designed for application over open purlins and blanket insulation. The 22 gage minimum deck can be used to support rigid isoboard insulation with Factory Mutual or UL label. Finally, the one-piece clip offers unimpeded thermal movement and does not restrict length of multiple panel runs.



  • Substrates:
    • Standard 24 [.60mm] gage Galvalume®; Galvanized and Galvalume Plus
  • Panel Width:
    • 16" [406mm] and 18" [457mm] widths available
  • Panel Length:
    • 40' [12.19m] standard length; Longer lengths available
  • Panel Height:
    • 1-3/4" [44mm] nominal batten height
  • Slope:
    • Minimum slope 3:12 [76mm:305mm]
  • Other Details:
    • Standard striated pan; Optional planked or pencil beads
    • One-piece clip
    • Snap-together seam; non-mechanically seamed
    • UL 580 Class 90 Wind Uplift Rating; Tested in accordance with procedures established ASTM E 1592

*Galvalume is a registered trademark of BIEC International, Inc.