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Formawall Graphix Series Horizontal Panels

Featuring a steel face and liner with foamed-in-place insulation and advanced thermal and moisture control performance, Formawall Graphix Series insulated metal wall panels with Directional Reveals are installed using proven, pressure-equalized, vented and dry-sealed joinery. The system reduces the number of panels required for a unique project aesthetic, leading to simplified installation. And because there are fewer actual joints, the chance for air and water infiltration is further reduced. The end result is a complex aesthetic façade that is easy to install and features the most advanced thermal and moisture protection available.



  • Substrate & Core:
    • Standard – 20, 22 [0.91, 0.76mm] gage G-90 galvanized steel face and 20 – 26 [0.91 – 0.48mm] gage liner with a polyisocyanurate foam-insulated core
  • Surface Finish
    • Embossed, Flat
    • Smooth, Flat
    • Embossed
    • Smooth
  • Panel Lengths:
    • 4' – 20' [1.2m – 6.1m]
  • Panel Thicknesses & R Values
    • 2.5" [64mm]/ R-17 [U=.060]
    • 3"-T [76mm] /R-22 [U=.046]