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Intercept Entyre Panel System

The Intercept Entyre Modular Panel System offers innovation excellence with a continuous engagement extrusion and concealed fasteners that work in conjunction with sequentially installed modular panel units. Material options include: .060" aluminum, 1.5mm zinc and class I anodized aluminum.



  • Closed-joint back-ventilated Rainscreen Panel with ¾"(19mm) wide reveals betweeen panels
  • Independent panel attachment

Installation Sequence:

  • Bottom up

Installation Patterns:

  • Vertical and/or horizontal orientation
  • Variable running bond—vertically and horizontally

Panel Reveal Width:

  • ¾" [19mm] (Standard)
  • Various horizontal and vertical reveal options available

Panel Depth:

  • 1 3/8" [35 mm] (Standard)
  • Panel depths are available from 1 3/8" to 4"

Panel Shapes:

  • Square or rectangular
  • Multi-planar
  • Sloped


  • Additional features available upon request

Recommended Maximum Panel Sizes

.060" Aluminum

141 ½" [3.6m]
29 ½" [.75m]

Panel Width Maximum


29 ½" [.75m]
141 ½" [3.6m]

Panel Height Maximum

1.15mm Zinc

32" [0.81m]
64" [1.63m]

Panel Width Maximum


64" [1.63m]
32" [0.81m]

Panel Height Maximum

Note: Actual panel dimension may be limited by span and design load conditions.