Profile Series Metal Panel Walls

Profile Series Metal Panels are versatile, single skin metal panels that make it possible to achieve a wide variety of innovative aesthetics easily and economically.

The metal panel wall designs are available with either concealed or exposed fasteners and many incorporate a common lock joint that allows the panels to be mixed for innovative, custom aesthetics.  The panels also make it possible to achieve a wide range of R-values, based on the type of insulation used.  Plus, all-weather installation capability shortens installation time and permits fast-track scheduling.

CENTRIA also offers EcoScreen® Perforated Screenwall, which provides a translucent effect that permits light control and air movement.  This screening effect provides safety and security or helps blend industrial applications with their surrounding areas for a pleasing aesthetic effect.

Profile Series Metal Panels:


Concept Series®

Single-skin panels combine concealed fasteners with a wide range of profiles based upon a dynamic asymmetrical form.

IW Series

A cost-effective metal panel designed to achieve a clean, unbroken appearance with no exposed panel fasteners.

Exposed Fastener Profiles

Extremely versatile metal panels that can be used for exterior or interior walls, roofs or soffits.


CASCADE Metal Panels

Single-skin metal panels that feature concealed fasteners and a common lock joint, which makes it possible to mix all seven profile rib panels with one another.

EcoScreen® Perforated Screenwall

A unique perforated metal panel that provides the effect of a translucent screen to control light and air movement, while providing safety and security.

Product Options

Innovative options like MicroSeam Corners®, MicroLine™ Extrusions, louvers and curved panels provide design flexibility and unique aestethics.

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